Every child should have a book at home

But not every child does.   

This goal of my project is to give every child who goes to James Simons Elementary a book to keep.  Our family first heard about the need for books at James Simons at Circular Congregational Church when a literacy consultant, Joanne Calhoun, came and spoke to our congregation.  Then we went and asked the principal of the school, Lynn Owings, if this project would help, and she said it would.  Then we met with the school's media director, Kim Livingston, to put together a list of really good books with African American characters and story lines - because ALL of the children who go to James Simons are African American.  I didn't know how many wonderful books like that there were - and I bet you didn't either.

The experimental part of my project is to see how far away the link for my project gets forwarded, what other ways people hear about it,  how people choose to give, and what books they select.  I hope each child receives a book to keep and remember forever.  Maybe two.  If we receive more books than that, the library at James Simons has lots and lots of empty shelves - and Charleston has lots of other elementary schools like James Simons.  You can watch a short news  story about the project taped November 16th by Live 5 News by clicking here, and you can read the News & Courier story November 18th here.  This project will run through February 15th, 2010. 

I have three older sisters. There were dozens and dozens of books in my house when I was born.  My favorite one was Miss Nelson is Missing. 

What was your favorite book?
Tyre Moore, Buist Academy